Nicole Maier von Hand extends offer for the benefit of your horse of the horse the horse physiotherapy to another component of the stress point massage after Jack Meagher. Nicole Maier by Hand on the horse\”expanded offer for the benefit of your horse the horse physiotherapy by another component of the stress point massage Jack Meagher. Of course to the stress point massage after Jack Meagher (pronounced \”Mar\”) was, as already completed 2-year training to the equine Osteopathy at the DIPO (German Institute for equine osteopathy) in Dulmen, Germany. The stress point massage offers another way to be able to help horses physiotherapy-level approach. The aim is prevention before muscle problems, as well as their treatment. The stress point massage based was developed for horses, by the American Jack Meagher (died 2005), in the 1970s for the treatment of sports and leisure horses.

He is by many riders as the father of sports massage for horses \”. He became famous through his work at the Olympic Games in 1976 in Montreal. Here, as well as several He worked for the American rider season World Championships. This form of treatment is used to find muscular tension in horses and with manual technique to eliminate, so its flexibility to promote and to improve the general well-being of the horse. Jack Meagher was 25 points, which he called stress points on each side of the body. He goes with his form of therapy, that if one of the points is \”stressed\”, so painful, a bonding of fibres is, which goes hand in hand with a restriction of the movement of the horse. The therapy of stress points is by direct pressure on the active point with subsequent transverse friction (i.e. friction) across to the muscle fibres. A deep tissue massage and improves the blood circulation is carried out the pressure and subsequent lateral friction of the appropriate tissue.

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